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Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro

This seafood restaurant/market is located far in the residential area along Hillcrest Road, and in the midst of a row of shops that sell anything ranging from ice-cream to pet food, this seafood restaurant was definitely not an easy find.  

Visiting the restaurant on a weekday lunch, I was impressed that the restaurant was pretty filled with customers despite its isolated location. Walking into the restaurant and taking in the fishy smell of the fresh fish laid out in full view as I walked past the fish market into the restaurant definitely prepared me for the seafood galore that was to follow.

Going through the menu, the restaurant had a wide spread of seafood, ranging from crab cakes to scallops, 4 types of oysters and soft shell crab among others.

Being an avid fan of oysters, we ordered the Tasmanian(2.95 each), New Zealand(2.95) and Fine De claire(3.95) oysters. The oysters were all fresh and had their unique own flavors. I liked the new Zealand oysters the best simply because they were not as salty as the Tasmanian and Fine De Claire ones. We also ordered the soft shell crab, which was deep fried in batter and came with a sauce that reminded me of tamarind sauce.

For the mains, they had a wide selection of seafood, from Maine lobsters, Mud Crabs, Norwegian Salmon to Alaskan Crabs. We ordered the discount item for the day, the mud crab (19.95)cooked with pepper sauce. the dish was very tasty and was distinctively different from the famous pepper crab that one would normally have at the chinese seafood restaurants. For one, the sauce was tangy and sweet on first taste with the spiceness more as an aftertaste. We also ordered a american Halibut(31.95), which the server recommended grilled. The dish was not spectacular, but was well grilled and the fish was fresh.
All in all, the food was excellent and definitely worth a visit, especially with the many specials the restaurant offers (the one that caught my eye was the tuesday special where oysters go for a dollar each!)